Thea. 18. Residing in Vegas.
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I partake in far too many fandoms to list but im only slightly sorry about it.
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'The Amazing Spider-Man 2' London World Premiere

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on a scale from 1 to sansa stark, how much do you regret your childhood crush

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I Don't Want to Know [Finn's Solo Version] (Glee Cast Version) - Finn Hudson
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❝Stop acting so fucking wounded. The only person that can pick you up, push back your shoulders, wipe the tears, mend the broken bones, and get you out of your slump is you. Now go and live,
there is so much to be happy about.❞

— "Things I tell myself when I feel as though the world is too big for me" (via moaka)

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Amy Poehler: Mean Girls - Mrs. George (2004) vs. Parks & Recreation - Leslie Knope (2014)

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